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Introducing our Latest New collection of Blackout & Room Darkening Curtain Panels.

Let's start by talking about the difference between curtains and drapes. Curtains are one layer of fabric, typically used because they let some light filter into a room. Blackout Curtains have the room-darkening features built into the fabric, which makes for a thicker fabric. However, they're still lighter in weight and appearance.

Blackout Curtains are Energy efficient, Insulation, Noise Reduction.

These Curtains Features an innovative triple weave fabric construction to block out sunlight and harmful UV rays. Insulates against the heat and cold, saving you money & energy


Blackout & Soundproof Curtains

Can’t choose between soundproof curtains and blackout drapes?  To get the best of both worlds, pick from our blackout & soundproof window panels.  Thanks to innovative triple-weave technology, they can effortlessly block up to 99% of UV rays and 60% of outside noise.  In addition, equipped with 100% thermal insulation, our blackout & soundproof window curtains will protect your room from summer heat and winter chill, which will considerably lower your energy bills.

Available in a full selection of colors, our super-soft premium soft velvet curtains and polyester blackout curtains will impart a look of regal sophistication to any space.  Whether you want to refresh your interior with a vivid pattern, or solid colors are exactly what you’re looking for, you can choose between our designer curtains and solid color window panels.  What’s more, all our insulating drapes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any window.  Whichever blackout & soundproof curtains you choose, you can combine them other window panels, matching ribbons, and other accessories from efavormart!

Last but not least, all our energy-saving drapes are unfussy when it comes to maintenance – our polyester blackout curtains are machine washable while quick steam clean will keep your premium soft velvet curtains neat.  As the cherry on top, all these window panels come in heavy-duty vinyl bags. If you are still wondering where to buy the best soundproof curtains, visit our selection of blackout curtains for sale and learn about the other hidden “super-powers” of these innovative drapes!

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