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Burlap Flower Pageant

Burlap Flower Pageant

To complement your rustic theme, you can choose from our burlap flowers wholesale collection. Handcrafted with master craftsmanship from high-quality materials, these jute beauties will accent even the swankiest decorations. For your colored burlap flower bouquet, you’ll find a plethora of color options, whether you need orange, coral, or turquoise burlap flowers.

To end your search for craft calla lilies, we are at your service with our burlap calla lilies – with the full selection of colors and sizes (from 2.5 to 6 inches long), these floral crafts will be a perfect addition to your centerpieces, bouquets, or pew bows. For your burlap roses wedding bouquet, nothing can beat our splashy burlap pageant petit rose buds. Meanwhile, those who can appreciate curly burlap crafts can decide between our fuchsia artificial burlap flare bushes or burlap pageant pharos vase decor.

For a more uniformed look, you can mix our floral crafts with other burlap or lace products from efavormart. Last but not least, since the beauty of our burlap flowers DIY never fades out, they can serve as a chic reminder of your big day long after it’s over.

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