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Burlap Table Skirts

Burlap Table Skirts
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Burlap Table Skirts


Add great warmth and texture to party tables with gorgeous country chic Burlap Table Skirts. Complete your woodsy and rustic themed events with our burlap ruffled table skirt and utilize them for your cake or dessert tables for an instant touch of vintage charm. The unsettled, 100% burlap texture makes an eye-catching look for all occasions. The velcro fasteners let this ruffled burlap table skirt to easily attach onto tables with the use of table skirting clips.

Our 3 tier ruffled table skirt is an ideal choice for any special occasion or event to add a vintage appeal to your everyday dining. Our long-wearing and snappy burlap ruffled table skirt are equally great for indoor or outdoor events. Have picture-perfect rustic style celebrations by using 3 tier ruffled table skirt and coordinating this masterpiece with our other burlap supplies; like lace and ruffled burlap table skirt, burlap table napkins, chair sashes, pew bows, and a lot more.

Let our 3 tier ruffled table skirt give any celebration an extraordinary look while putting on a bit of ornateness with this easy to attach burlap ruffled table skirt. These burlap ruffled table skirt also goes well with many themed combinations and is available in other styles. The 3 tier ruffled table skirt with its exquisitely cascading tiers will give any celebration an awesome look. Make your affairs even more special by dressing up your banquet tables with our burlap ruffled table skirt. This 3 tier ruffled table skirt is made from fine quality burlap that provides resistance from stains and wrinkles and helps protect your party tables from dust, spills, usual dirt, and scratches.

Let our ruffled burlap table skirt take you to times when the days pass languidly. For other items in our burlap line, browse our collection of burlap tablecloths, table runners, chair sashes, table overlays, party favors, and more.

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