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Charming Chargers

What is a charger plate? Chargers (underplates or chop plates) are not meant to serve food – beyond simple decoration, underplates are used to protect linens beneath them. Since no upscale dinner is complete without such plates, we’ve got you covered with our collection of wedding chargers.

When it comes to compatibility with different themes, our dinner charger plates are universal due to their round shape – unlike square chargers, suitable only for modern design, these will match up with any setup type. All our underplates come in several varieties, such as glass charger plates with gold, silver, or glass rims,  durable acrylic charger plates available in a rainbow of colors (including silver chargers in bulk), and ever-lovable porcelain dinner plates

Whichever set you purchase, our sleek charger plates for sale will make your dinnerware visually appealing for more than one dinner. We also recommend accessorizing our wedding dinner chargers with other decoration supplies from efavormart and bring your brilliant charger plate centerpiece ideas to reality – just browse through our full collection and see what we can offer you!

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