Classic Sequin Tablecloths

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Classic Sequin Tablecloths


Do you want to add a dazzling shimmer to your event decorations? Look no further than our glittering sequin tablecloth collection to add that perfect amount of sheen and luster into your event design. Whether it’s a wedding party, birthday celebrations, graduation party or any other special occasion, our sumptuous sequin tablecloth is bound to evoke grandeur and splendor.

Available in a myriad of hues and different shapes and sizes, each sequin tablecloth features countless shimmery sequins intricately stitched all over the fabric leaving no space in between for a magnificent allure. Are you looking to make your wedding cake table even more prominent? Swathe our gorgeous round gold sequin tablecloth or silver sequin tablecloth on your table to further augment the beauty of your majestic wedding decor. If you’re planning to set up a lavish dessert station at a baby shower, give your rectangular table a luxurious drape with our exquisite rose gold sequin tablecloth or serenity blue sequin tablecloth to add a glistening oomph factor to your display. However, if you’re going for a dark and dusky color palette for your event decor, opt for our glimmering navy blue or burgundy sequin tablecloth or choose a classy black sequin tablecloth to dress your table for a posh and timeless appeal. Whichever color you choose, don’t forget to pair your sequin tablecloth with sequin napkins, sequin chair sashes, chair back covers, and other exquisite sequin accents to impart a glorious and mesmerizing flair.

At efavormart, our prime focus is to provide high-end linens to help you make your event truly stand out. With our plush sequin tablecloth range, you can elegantly dress your tables to the nines without breaking the banks. Visit our online store and see for yourself!

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