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Compostable & Biodegradable Utensils

Compostable & Biodegradable Utensils


If you want to make your upcoming event much easier on Mother Nature, those fancy-looking eco-friendly paper plates are not your only option. Designed from chemical-free bamboo, birchwood, and palm leaf, our multi-faceted and eco-friendly biodegradable cutlery, and eco-friendly products offer high quality and chic design without bringing about any danger to our beautiful planet.

Elevate any occasion to an exquisite affair with stylish yet highly efficient paper napkins in bulk and a trendy range of elegant disposable plates for weddings and other occasions. Shimmering ornamentation on party napkins and disposable plates will surely make birthdays, anniversaries, or engagement parties a celebration to remember. Pair them with our bold, eye-catching compostable utensils that are visually stunning for a more tasteful and decadent ambiance. With our 100 pack Beverage Party Napkins, you’re prepared even for spontaneous celebrations like important announcements and promotions. These printed and monogrammed cocktail paper napkins are great for protecting surfaces from condensation or delicately wiping fingers between hors d’oeuvres. The 2-ply construction is not only soft and gentle to use but also durable against water, sauces, and food grease. Suitable as both bar and dessert napkins, they are a must-have supply for your graduation party or bridal shower. Our elegant disposable plates for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more will surely impart a look of a high-end table setting to your party and banquet tables. These glam plates are an earth-friendly alternative to plastic and polystyrene plates and can effortlessly carry the weight of heavy food items without sagging or breaking. 100% biodegradable and disposable, they make post-party clean-up fast and easy. Our luxurious looking decorative paper napkins wholesale and designer disposable paper plates coordinate seamlessly with other gold-tone party supplies and decorations to create magnificent tablescapes for any social event.

Those who are into “eco-ware” can complement their tables with our 6" Eco Friendly Birchwood Round Wooden Plates, 6" Eco Friendly Birchwood Square Salad Dessert Plates, or many other birchwood goodies. Swooning over eco-friendly bamboo disposable plates? Our smooth and sleek 7" Eco Friendly Sleek Bamboo Disposable Square Salad Dessert Plates will make your heart skip a beat. Make sure not to overlook our 7" Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Disposable Heart Salad Dessert Plates if you need are in need of voguish palm leaf plates in bulk. In case you’re searching for eco-friendly party decors other than eco-disposable plates, cutlery, and bowls, our classic grace wooden napkin rings, versatile artificial grass table runner, attention-getting knotted bamboo picks, and more are already waiting for you – just stop by our collection of eco-friendly products and rustic disposable tableware to see everything for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy disposable bamboo plates ?

Ans: Nowadays everyone wants to "go green." Whether you're planning a function, wedding celebration, business or social event, backyard picnic, or stocking up an office dry pantry, Efavormart has got you covered with its great selection of disposable bamboo plates and other compostable plates. Impress your guests with your concern with our planet and provide them with our eco-friendly bamboo plates that are not only stunning but are 100 % compostable as well.

2. Are palm leaf plates reusable ?

Ans: Palm leaf plates are made from the naturally fallen leaves of the Areca Tree. While they are amazingly chic, durable, and ideal for serving food, they are not meant to be reused. They are biodegradable and made from organic materials, meaning they will decompose easily making them the perfect eco-friendly plate for gatherings, social events, and other special occasions.

3. Are wooden spoons recyclable ?

Ans: Although they look stylish and durable, wooden spoons should be disposed of properly along with other disposable dinnerware after use. They can be repurposed as rustic decorations and craft ornaments, but reusing them for eating is not recommended as they are primarily designed to be discarded after use.

4. Is wooden cutlery eco friendly ?

Ans: Efavormart's well-favored Biodegradable Utensils are made from 100% natural bamboo and birch wood. No harmful chemicals, toxins, or glazes have been added making them very eco friendly. They not only perform better, but they are also more desirable for our planet.

5. Where to buy wooden disposable cutlery ?

Ans: You're all set for your event with Efavormart's wooden disposable cutlery. Our Biodegradable Utensils not only look beautiful but are made from a fully renewable resource and are completely compostable. Our rustic and chic collection of Compostable & Biodegradable Utensils also includes several unique wood pieces like cocktail picks, wooden tongs, and bamboo skewers. No matter which ones you choose, the clean-up will surely be easy!

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