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Crinkle Taffeta Chair Sashes

When thinking about efavormart chair sashes, numerous clients choose our taffeta chair sashes, and how could they not? The taffeta sash gives refined sophistication to any seating arrangement, making guests feel like VIP’s when looking into chairs wrapped with the stunning variety of colors these unique sashes have.

Our crinkle taffeta chair sashes are the perfect way to add affordable but unique details to any chair. They are the perfect complement for parties or weddings, where you could pick styles like the Champagne Taffeta Crinkle Chair Sashes to highlight the bride’s dress; or sweet 16’s.  Or our White Taffeta Crinkle Chair Sashes can add sheen and texture to the otherwise plain chair covers.

Our crinkle taffeta chair sashes wholesale are made in Taffeta Crinkle material and have a beautiful Metallic Shine finish with serged edges. They are easy to maintain, high quality products that will give delicate glamour to any wedding, dance, sweet 16 or engagement party. You can combine them with crinkle taffeta chair covers, crinkle ribbon bows, crinkle curtains or any other of our amazing party decorations by visiting us at

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