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Designer Cutlery


Disposables that look exquisitely royal! Our baroque heavy duty plastic cutlery sets is fashioned from high grade hard plastic in an ornate Venetian design and is gorgeously plated with glistening gold polish that imparts a regal air to any fine dining. Sparkling gold luster and designer spoon coupled with ornamental design make this heavy duty silver plastic cutlery set perfect for posh parties, formal feasts, and upscale events.

Glam your party tables up by pairing this upscale flatware with our disposable plastic dinnerware sets, Stemware, and Tableware. Give your guests an imperial feel of festivity by presenting main course, salads, cakes, desserts, appetizers, and other delicious delights with our wooden spoon design Cutlery.

Make this heavy duty silver plastic cutlery a unique and personalized gift! plastic forks bulk with designer spoon is the unusual cutlery. It will surprise your guests and cheer you up. The product is made of disposable material. The disposable spoon and fork is decorated with an ornamental element.The product should not be washed in the dishwasher heavy duty silver plastic cutlery can be ordered in Gold color.

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