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Diamond Mesh Rolls

Do you feel that decorating parties is a sophisticated job that can be accomplished only through the expertise of a professional? We at definitely do not believe this to be the case!  Whether you hire professional help or not, nothing can match your personal touch to create that special spark to your party decorations. A few rolls of our diamond wrap are all that you need to bring in that special touch and make your party decorations unique!

As the name implies, the Par Excellence endless diamond roll - purple has the sparkling look of realistic looking diamonds, but at an actually affordable price. There’s nothing like the brilliant sparkle of diamonds to your celebration! Our diamond rhinestone ribbon wrap roll is highly flexible, making it perfect for wrapping around chairs. You can even cut the Hollywood style endless diamond roll – silver with a household knife easily and use as bling wrap for vases. Next, you can wrap the bouquets in the never-ending fleurs diamonds - red in your own unique style!

At, we strive to ensure that your diamond party decoration ideas never ends. Our Par Excellence endless diamond roll – gold adds a regal atmosphere to your designs – as these are adhesive milestones on a roll can be stuck anywhere with a dab of glue. Use it as a gold diamond mesh ribbon or combine it with the never-ending fleurs & diamonds - turquoise and leave a mark of your own. Unleash your creativity with the silver diamond label stickers as they are easy to stick on candles, cake stands, and vases.

Your personal touch makes your banquet special. We provide Diamond Mesh Rolls made of top-quality material that you can use to make your party decorations look stunning. Once you use our products, you would never want to go anywhere else!


Mirror Foil Fabric Bolts

Wedding celebrations are all about glitz and glamour. Our shiny mirror fabric perfectly fits the bill here. It becomes an integral part of your party decorations as our mirror foil exudes incessant shimmer to change the ambiance of your party venue instantly.

The true beauty of this Mirror Foil Fabric unfolds itself in front of you like a table runner. Each piece of this mirror foil tulle fabric bolt drape panel - silver reflects light and draws attention. Its impact on the buffet table is breathtaking as the shine gets reflected on all the items placed there. Just decide on the amount of shine that you want in your event decor and let your creativity handle the rest. For a bit of reflection here and there, wrap our mirror foil roll on bouquets, centerpieces, and vases. For a little more bling, use it as a dashing cover on chairs and tables. Our mirror bolts are 10 yards long which is perfect for using as tablecloths and chair covers.

Continue the sparkly theme by wrapping our mirror foil tulle fabric panel - gold around arches and using it as a backdrop. This gold foil fabric can create the exact amount of glitter that you desire for your decor. These shiny squares on mirror foil tulle fabric drape panel -champagne are a complete decoration in themselves. Use your imagination to decide how and where to place this foil mirror.

At, we believe in letting you create a mesmerizing effect just the way you want it. You may like it subdued, gentle or extravagant – and we will provide you the right material to suit your style! Visit our site as we probably have exactly what you are looking for!

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