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Disposable Dessert & Serving

Take the presentation of your delicious desserts and refreshing appetizers to a whole new level with our collection of disposable plastic serving cups, plates, and other dishes. Due to the durability and visual appeal of high-quality plastic that mimics natural materials, they are an excellent investment towards your weddings, tasting events, showers, buffets, and other occasions. Available in a full selection of sizes, shapes, colors, designs, all our clear plastic treat cups, bowls, dessert spoons, and other disposables can easily fit in with any setting.

Our plastic round disposable bowl with silver rim will accentuate your silver-rimmed glasses and match up nicely with a silver colored theme.  Who doesn’t need plastic serving bowls for parties?! while our clear disposable seashell salad plates will top off your nautical theme perfectly. For your succulent desserts, you can pick from our selection of wholesale disposable mini plastic dessert cups that vary in shape – from clear waved hexagon plastic disposable dessert cup to clear curved triangular disposable dessert cup.

Whichever dishes or desserts you choose to serve, we recommend complementing them with matching disposable serving spoons or forks. To learn how you can transform your dull-looking food presentation into something that deserves everyone's attention, please check out our full selection of disposable appetizer and dessert containers wholesale here at

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