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Disposable Serving Trays & Bowls


Serve with style with our charming collection of sophisticated large disposable serving bowls that offer the convenience of disposability with the charm of heavy-duty plastic. Disposable catering trays with lids are the perfect choice to serve hot soups, chilled desserts, creamy cakes, and other treats. Their strong and sturdy material can handle piping hot food to sumptuous desserts without spilling or leaking. The expendable attribute of these large disposable serving bowls makes cleaning up a breeze for any occasion.

The conventional Wave Trimmed pattern of large disposable serving bowls is sure to attract attention while giving an upscale visage to your banquets, wedding receptions, or other events. These catering trays with lids wholesale made of durable plastic provides superior strength and durability without the hefty cost and risk of breakage. Plus, while it looks just like real ceramic ware, it still provides the convenience of disposability that your events require.

These disposable serving trays made from durable plastic materials are sturdy enough to hold even massive food products without breaking or bending. Although these trays are of plastic material, they boast an exquisite, high-quality visual aspect that resembles porcelain. Since they’re disposable, your guest can easily throw them away for quick and effortless cleanup at the end of an event!

Serve your food in style with high-end plastic serve ware from Efavormart. We carry all the serving pieces that one might need to have the event of a lifetime as being one of the leading suppliers of premium-quality catering trays with lids wholesale. Our disposable catering trays with lids saves time and money, and they look beautiful! Our catering trays with lids wholesale collection comprises of elegant plastic serve ware and plastic trays in many colors and sizes for all your event planning needs. Check out our test tube shot glasses with caps for your premade shooters to go!

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