Fashion Ribbons

Fashion Ribbons

Want to wrap presents but getting tired of those typical chevron ribbons, wholesale striped trims, and polka dot ribbons? Or you just want to bring a rustic flair to your centerpieces, flower arrangements, headpieces, pew bows, or keepsakes? Either way, we can point you straight to our Fashion Ribbons collection!

As soon as you browse this collection, the first thing you’ll discover is surprisingly affordable prices – whichever trim you need, chiffon ribbon roll, an apple green chevron ribbon or a turquoise grosgrain geometric pattern ribbon, they won’t break the bank! The next thing that will make you jump with joy is our variety of styles, which offer more than enough room for your creativity. Give a touch of sophistication to any project. If you love that old good fashioned gingham design, unique with that signature checked pattern of white interspersed with color, then we can help with our 3/8" buffalo plaid ribbons. The traditional check pattern on these ribbons makes them amazingly versatile, enabling them to be the focal point on apparel, candles, wreaths, packaging, and more. The premium quality fibers on these ribbons will not disappoint with its thick knitting that gives this ribbon added constraint, allowing it to maintain its pattern without being rough to the touch. The firm surface has a unique finish, assuring that these ribbons will stand out on every project. Looking for extravagant geometric designs? We are ready to cater to your needs with our geometric patterned grosgrain ribbons. To complement your country theme, look no further than our chevron grosgrain ribbons.  

Whatever your project may be, we have one-of-a-kind ribbons available to accent your crafts excellently. Our adorable fashion ribbons come in various widths, making your holiday details and crafts effortlessly personalized. With exceptional quality, low prices, and so many options to choose from here at, you can let your creativity go wild with the hippest attires, bouquets, favor adornments, and beyond!

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