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Flocking & Jute Burlap Tablecloths

Whether you need to augment the harmony of nature in your décor or add the flawless luster of silky taffeta into your table setting, look no further than our collection of velvet flocking damask and burlap tablecloths.

Need a 120’’ round burlap tablecloth? You can choose between our CHAMBURY CASE fine rustic burlap tablecloth round 120 natural tone or CHAMBURY CASE ruffled rustic burlap tablecloth round 120 natural (the former also comes in 90, 108, and 136 inches in diameter). In case the length of your jute linens isn’t satisfactory, you can fix things up with our burlap table skirt selection, which includes 3-tier rustic ruffled burlap table skirt and jute burlap table skirt outdoor party – pair these with our wedding burlap table runners with lace for a farmhouse-inspired display!

To complement your damask flocked wallpaper or just to add a timeless print into your solid-colored design, we recommend you consider our flocking damask tablecloths or the selection of bold-colored flocking overlays, including our flocking overlay with traditional velvet Damask print, as well as animal-inspired taffeta flocking table overlay leopard animal print for wedding party restaurant and zebra safari overlay

At, we understand that a perfect design is one of those many factors which make our customers happy on their important date. Since our purpose is to give you even more excuses to smile, our collection of flocking and burlap linens will give you more than enough reason! Please visit us now and see for yourself!

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