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Flocking Overlays

If your linens do not satisfy your visual cravings or you’re still looking for something to mark the uniqueness of your celebration, look no further than our flocking table overlays. Fashioned from high-quality taffeta flocked with soft velvet, they’ll take your table presentation to a whole new level.

Available in an extensive variety of colors, sizes, and designs, our sophisticated flocking overlays will fit in with any décor and table size. If you are looking for a classic damask design to complement your black and red table setting, we strongly recommend spreading our red flocking overlay atop your black linens. Alternatively, you can use our black flocking overlay or silver black flocking overlay to accentuate your red tablecloth. Got the adventurous spirit? Let it run wild with our taffeta velvet overlay tiger print or snow leopard overlay – both styles will leave your guests truly captivated. What’s more, these fancy overlays can serve as tablecloths for your informal events!

No matter how you make use of these pieces of lustrous table decorations, you can enhance their sheen with our glitter accented table tops, centerpieces, vases, or other sparkling goodies from efavormart. Last but not least, our overlays will last longer than most if you follow our easy how-to-care instructions.

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