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Flower & Ivy Garlands


Grab the artificial flower garlands for weddings or any special event of yours here and enjoy our most fancy and extravagant collection of fake vines for decoration. This collection consists of Silk Peony Garland with Bendable Wire Vines which are beautiful to use on your tables, banisters, poles, walls, wreaths, and backdrops. The Silk Rose Garland, on the other hand, is so visually luscious making it hard for you to resist you’ll end up adoring it at first glance.

We also have a rich collection of fake vines for decoration that will bring a fresh green ambiance into your interior and events decorating needs. Try our Real Touch Artificial Young Clover Leaf Garland with a length of approximately 6ft. It will add a rich texture to your crafts and party decor with its detailed leaves complete with natural markings and color variations all the more giving it a realistic look. We also have fake vines with flowers combination for the most good looking accent for your event such as our UV Protected Rose Chain Artificial Flower Garland. Light up up any area in your home with the feel of the great outdoors minus the hassle and upkeep of real plants. Use these fake vines for decoration for photo background, wedding arches, centerpieces, costume embellishment, home interior decoration and more!

This fake vines with flowers are easy to store and can be reused, as they won’t wilt, and are created to last for years. Browse our collection and get a lot of inspiration to start with your decorating projects. They are useful as hanging flowers wedding backdrop, flower garland curtain, wreaths, table centerpiece, accentuating the boring poles, or even to hide the unwanted spot of the event space. There is no limit to your imagination on how to use these artificial garlands! Go ahead and satisfy your creative self!

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