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Flower Walls & Panels

Flowers will brighten your party space instantly. At, we provide artificial flower wall backdrop that look just like fresh flowers – but without the hassle of watering or pruning them regularly! Our flower wall panels are the perfect way to make your wedding look truly gorgeous and elegant.

Add mysticism to your reception with our black hydrangea flower wall panel that has silk flowers attached on a strong plastic net. Its black color will provide a dramatic ambiance whether you use this as a walkway, fence trim or wall covering. Also, you can provide classic elegance with our white hydrangea flower panel – for that perfect white wedding! If you opted for the traditional theme, our pink hydrangea flower wall panel will provide a perfect backdrop to your reception photos – as it spreads a pink hue around your banquet!

You can impress your guests with the stunning beauty of red rose & hydrangea flower mat that will brighten your event instantly! You may even prefer to subdue this brightness with our pink/cream rose & hydrangea flower mat and enhance the sophistication instead! Also, you can add sheen to your celebration with our gold rose & hydrangea flower mat – to impart a regal touch to your festivities!

We can provide you flower walls for weddings that are easy to put up and beautiful to look at. These silk flowers have been masterfully crafted on plastic netting that can be easily bent or cut to provide innovative designs under your creative guidance. Visit us and prepare to wow your guests!

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