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Foam Wall Tiles & Panels

Give an instant makeover to your banquet with our decorative foam wall panels. Now you can create your own style statement with our 3D foam wall panels that are lightweight and easy to place on any surface. Simply use our decorative wall panels and add elegance to your party.

You can create an immediate impact on your guests with our mint green foam wall tile decor – as they would wonder how you managed to create a beautiful wall so fast! It is the 3D effects of our royal blue foam peel and stick wall decor that makes it look just like a real brick wall! Continue to amaze your guests with our yellow foam brick wall panel – its bright color will brighten your party venue instantly. 

Our green foam peel and stick wall panel is the fastest way for you to cover those spots and stains on a dirty wall and make it immaculate for your party. Now add on your personal touch by decorating our chocolate foam brick wall panel with paintings and flowers to make it look realistic. Also, we will take care of your concern about loud party music disturbing the neighbors with our black foam peel and stick wall panel – that has sound absorbing properties! Now you can enjoy your party without complaints!

At, we offer 3d foam wall tiles that absorbs sound, hide dirty marks and can be installed easily - on a part of the wall or the entire wall. In addition, our foam wall panels will provide an interesting backdrop as you capture these beautiful memories on your camera. Visit us and explore our range of decorative foam panels available in a range of interesting hues that will blend well with the theme of your function.

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