Garlands | Vines

Garlands | Vines

Addition of flowers and foliage not only breathes life and lushness to any setup, but also adds color and texture to the otherwise plain ambiance. It’s no surprise that your creativity and aesthetic skills demand more than just flowers or bouquets. If you are bored of simple flower arrangements, we’ve got you covered with our blooming line of Artificial Flower Garlands and Vines, which will take your décor to the next level of natural beauty.

If you are looking to inspire everyone with a colorful splash, look no further than our 7FT Purple Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland, 6 ft Long Royal Blue Real Touch Rose Garland, and UV Protected Silk Rose Garland, to name just a few. For a more elegant ensemble, we are at your service with our 44"" Artificial Wisteria Vine, Ratta Silk Hanging Flower Garland, UV Protected Pink Silk Rose Garland, Artificial Rose Flower Garlands with Leaves, White Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland, and so on. Featuring bendable stems and flexible construction, decoration is so much fun with these Faux Flower Garlands. Wind them around poles, pillars, and stands, hang from ceilings or roof to make enchanting ceiling décor, arrange on walls and backdrops for a refreshing backdrop, or snake in the middle of your party tables as a natural table runner. With our real touch Leaves Vines, you can bring fanciful forest flair into your home or party space. Choose from our Real Touch Willow Green Leaves Artificial Garland Vines, Green Real Touch Artificial Young Clover Leaf Garland, Real Touch Eucalyptus & Boxwood Leaves Green Artificial Garland Vines, and Real Touch Green Poplar Leaves Artificial Garland Vines to breathe life and vivacity into your plain décor.

At efavormart, we share your affection towards flowers and foliage. If you are looking to have something more interesting than a bouquet of flowers, please don’t hesitate to shop from our fake Garlands and Vines collection, which offers an extensive range of visually-appealing floral chains and greenery vines of exceptional quality at a reasonable price.  

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