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Large silk flowers are the perfect accompaniment for many romantic and celebratory occasions. You can use giant artificial flowers in a variety of ways in order to enhance the beauty of your event venue. Use giant silk flowers as beautiful bouquets during your wedding. The bride and bridesmaids can carry large silk flower arrangements down the aisle. You can also use giant artificial flowers to decorate the altar or ceremony site. Giant silk flowers can be used to decorate the edges of the aisles. Artificial silk flowers can play a noticeable part in centerpieces for any event. You may want to use elegant artificial silk flowers for your anniversary party centerpieces or for a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 party. Artificial flowers can also be used in garlands to string around doorways, windows and stairwells. Large silk flower arrangements can also create a beautiful focal point by the head table or the gift table. Add beads, glitter, feathers and other decorative pieces in order to create a beautiful arrangement that stays within your set budget.