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Grass & Flower Wall Decor

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Grass & Flower Wall Decor

You can brighten up your banquet with our grass backdrop wall. We provide a vast array of glass backdrop with flowers that can easily fasten to your walls and ceilings making them look fabulous. Choose from our wide selection of colors and transform your dull walls into a beautiful garden!

Give a refreshing feel to your party with our artificial boxwood hedge clovers faux foliage that looks like real botanical treat. You do not have to water this vertical garden – as it will not fade, wilt or smell! Continue this natural look with our white/green artificial fern flower foliage wall mat that would make a lush passage for your guests to walk upon. And your wedding photos will look fabulous with our artificial genlisea with colourful flowers garden mat – as the backdrop!

Create a attractive canopy with our purple/green artificial fern flower garden wall hanging from the ceiling with crystal or pearl strands. In fact, there is a lot that you can do with our red/green faux fern & flower foliage wall mat – just let your creativity loose here! These are 3D high-quality leaves and flowers that have been fixed on plastic netting. Cut or bend it into desired shapes to make hedges, fences or accents – and decorate your reception.

At, we strive to provide you a fascinating garden wall party. We use top grade material and high quality craftsmanship to make your artificial grass wall look absolutely real! Visit us to explore various options and choose the grass & flower wall decor that suits your style best.

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