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Solid, Stitched & Printed Wholesale Grosgrain Ribbon by the roll

Being beautiful doesn’t mean you still can’t be sturdy and resilient! To wrap a chic accent around your heavy-duty crafts, choose from our wide range of solid grosgrain ribbon wholesale, Stitched Grosgrain ribbon and Printed Wholesale Grosgrain Ribbon by the roll. What is a grosgrain ribbon? Made from stiff polyester, this ribbon features distinct transverse ribs, which gives it a unique texture and extra durability for numerous uses.

Affordable prices are not the only reason that makes efavormart the best place to buy bulk printed grosgrain ribbon or saddle stitch grosgrain ribbon spools. Besides a rainbow of colors, our large spools of ribbon are available in various styles, including our black and white zebra striped ribbon, stitched grosgrain ribbon, and polka dot trims of different varieties, from grosgrain polka dot ribbon with mega-sized polka dots to grosgrain polka dot ribbon with teeny tiny ones. There’s also a selection of sizes to choose from, so whatever your project may be, we are always ready to offer you plenty of options.

Thus, if you don’t know where to buy a fashionable, sturdy, yet cheap grosgrain ribbon trim by the roll, stop by!

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