Jute Burlap & Lace Table Skirt

Lace Table Skirts

Whether you want to do a facelift to your old linens, or your polyester lace tablecloth calls for extra length, our lace table skirt collection offers plenty of options of how you can fix things up without breaking the bank. With eye-catching floral designs, our double-layered polyester table skirts will add volume and sophistication to any table setup.

Available in four basic colors, our rectangle table skirts will easily fit in with any tablecloth, whether you need a white table skirt to go with your white lace tablecloth, or your Halloween party is impossible without a chic black table skirt. Regardless of the color, all our wedding table skirts come in four sizes to fit any table – thus, if you come by our collection, you’ll find our 14FT premium pleated lace table skirt, 17 FT premium pleated lace table skirt, and 21FT premium pleated lace table skirt. Whichever size or color will cater to your needs, we strongly recommend you use our clips to attach our wedding table skirts to your tables.

Though it is sometimes easier to purchase new linens rather than to try to brighten up an old lackluster tablecloth, we are here to prove you the opposite. With the rainbow of colors and plethora of sizes, our table skirting can transform even the dullest table setting into a piece of timeless elegance. Please don’t hesitate to visit efavormart.com for our full selection to see all our skirting options and check out other lace accessories that suit our table skirt designs.

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