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Fine Rustic Jute Burlap Ribbons Wholesale

If you’re looking to augment the attractiveness of your accessories with rustic elegance and sophisticated simplicity, look no further. With our fine rustic jute burlap ribbons, you can kill two birds with one stone with our wholesale price.

In our versatile collection, you can find both natural-toned and colored burlap ribbons. Even if you need something as rare as a red and white jute burlap ribbon, we can cater to your needs with our rustic Paris cotton ribbon! As for the sizes, all these trims are available in a full range of widths. It doesn’t matter whether you need a thick or thin jute burlap ribbon – we can always offer a huge lot of options, ranging from 7/8 inch to 2.5 inches wide. Depending on whether you’re in need of a wired trim that can hold the desired shape or a cheap jute burlap ribbon with a sturdy weave construction, we can help you with our  2.5'' natural tone burlap wired ribbon or 7/8'' picturesque woven rustic burlap ribbon accordingly.

Along with our fine rustic trims, you can also use your chevron jute burlap ribbon, orange burlap ribbon, black burlap ribbon, or even purple ribbon – the sky’s the limit!

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