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LED & String Tassels

If you want to bedazzle your guests with a lighted curtain for a luminous backdrop, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours trying to sew LEDs into a sheer fabric. With our collection of cheap LED curtains, you can efficiently save your time and cash, but not at the expense of the “wow” effect.

Thousands of LED lights, which are intricately sewn into a see-through curtain made of organza, ooze an enchanting shimmer and glimmer, creating a mesmerizing illusion of bewitched lights. Whichever effect you’re looking to achieve, we can help with our LED drapes available in white, gold, blue, clear, and silver. Thus, if you’re dreaming about the starry sky reflected in a pond, you can’t go wrong with our blue led organza curtain backdrop while our warm white led lights organza curtain backdrop are reminiscent of thousands of floating candles.  

In case you need something uber-versatile, we recommend our silk tassel string curtain. Crafted from high-quality silk, these drapes feature thousands of string tassels, which makes them perfect not just for windows and backdrops but also for arches, passageways, hallways, corridors, and beyond. To augment the sophistication of our string curtains, you can style them with fanciful ribbons and coordinate them with other matching decoration supplies, such as pom-poms, fringes, lanterns, balloons, or any other creative idea that crosses your mind.

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