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Marquee Letter Lights


Bring some alphabetical charm to your home interior embellishments with our Marquee Letter Lights. Crafted from galvanized metal and rendered in a classical variety, these vintage letters feature LED lights organized in a marquee like display, giving the sign that old look and antique artistry. Whether it’s to showcase your initials with pride or hang them on the wall your child’s room or nursery, these galvanized letters with lights are the perfect way to declare to the world the welcoming of a bundle of joy in an elating and dazzling way. Use it with other letters as well to spell out names, inspiring quotations, or suspend your initial in line with photographs of friends and family for a more personal touch.

Impart a timeless urban charm to your event, wedding, restaurant, and home décor with our galvanized marquee lighted letter, numbers, and symbols. This is inspired by the early 20th century’s industrial and vintage style. These symbols highlight a warm LED light that glistens in any environment, providing your space a cordial and welcoming ambiance.

Each outdoor marquee letters is battery operated by 2AA batteries and is cordless, thus allowing you to arrange them however you choose. These galvanized letters with lights have a timer feature to simply “set it and forget it” for those busy celebrations and functions. Use these outdoor marquee letters on their own to represent an initial, a milestone, or create personalized wishes and messages by pairing these with other numbers, letters, and symbols.

Add a festive illuminated touch to any décor and space with this marquee number lights that can be employed in DIY crafts projects, child’s room décor, wedding ceremony or reception, and any other event all year round! Super lightweight and equipped with built-in keyhole slots, this magical home decor accessory is effortless to hang. Or, just place it on a shelf as a stand-alone object.

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