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If you want to decorate in a unique way your event, these flowers are exactly what you need. Decorative Mini Paper Flowers, colorful, plain colors or watercolor. These Mini Paper Flowers are perfect to add them to your boutonnieres or to simply decorate your centerpieces. Beautiful Mini Paper Flowers Wholesale is sure to make an excellent addition to your craft projects and DIY designs.

These small Mini Paper Flowers are great for custom headbands, boutonnieres, corsages or as favors and gifts decorations. Your guests will simply be delighted by the presentation! Accentuate your flower arrangements, garlands, gift wrappings, favor making, table decor, or simple home adornment with these Mini Paper Flowers. These are long-lasting and never wilt. Perfect for crafting, favor making, corsages, & gift wrapping. These will look gorgeous on invitations.

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