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Moss Planters

Add a natural green touch and element of freshness to your space with our amazing range of Preserved moss covered planters. All our moss aisle runner, moss bowl centerpiece, decorative moss for planters items are crafted from real natural moss that is chemically preserved and repurposed for decorative purposes and artistic mediums.

Requiring no maintenance, these moss covered planters and moss aisle runner accents will add timeless serene sophistication to any place and party. Moreover, with wire frame and plastic inner lining, you can use these baskets to hold small moss covered planters, herbs, succulents, and shrubs.

Natural energy to any place setting with these crowned weaved moss baskets that are accented with decorative moss for planters and moss covered planters to complete their Greenish rustic look. Natural green color of moss bowl centerpiece gives off refreshing vibes, adding earthy appeal to your tabletops, kitchen counters, mantels, bathroom shelves, office desk and even party tablescapes.

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