13" | Pack of 10
Gold Disposable Charger Plates, Cardboard Serving Tray, Round with Glitter Texture Dotted Rims
8.5" | Pack of 25
25 Pack | 8.5inch Black Marble Dessert Salad Paper Plates, Disposable Appetizer Plates Hexagon Shaped With Gold Foil Marble Design - 400 GSM
16"X8" | Pack of 10
10 Pack | 16inch x 8inch Black Marble Design Heavy Duty Paper Serving Trays With Gold Accents - 1100 GSM
6"L X 4"W | Pack of 10
10 Pack | 6inch x 4inch Gold Paper Cardboard Serving Trays, Rectangle Party Platters - 400 GSM
50 Pack - 4.5"
Food Boat, Wooden Tray, Biodegradable Plates
50 Pack - 6"
Pinewood Food Cones , Wood Cone, Wooden Cone
5" | 50 Pack
5inch Thank You Tag Cloud Cupcake Toppers, Bamboo Skewers, Decorative Top Cocktail Picks
5" | 100 Cocktail Picks
100 Pack- 5 inch Tropical Leaf Party Picks, Bamboo Skewers, Decorative Top Cocktail Sticks
5" | 100 Cocktail Picks
100 Pack- 5" Flamingo Party Picks, Bamboo Skewers, Decorative Top Cocktail Sticks - Fuchsia/Hot Pink | Pink

Natural Tableware


Are you a nature loving soul and are looking to bring some natural twist to your dining and culinary experience? Our eco-friendly collection of natural tableware includes eco-friendly plates, bowls & serving and flatware that are made from natural birchwood, bamboo, and fallen palm leaves, which makes them free from any chemicals, coatings, toxins, dyes, or any other damaging additives.

Are you planning to set an eco-friendly dining table? Choose our natural tableware collection to serve your salads, desserts, soups, or something meaty and take your finger foods to the next level of sophistication. Our elegant collection of palm leaf bowls and salad plates are a perfect fusion of design, efficiency and ecological sensitivity which will present your salads and desserts in a mouth-watering way. Showcase your sweet sense of responsibility towards your planet by opting for our birchwood tableware products, which includes plates, spoons, knives, forks and coffee stirrers that are strong and leak resistant, that means these can efficiently be used to cater the culinary needs of indoors or outdoors, casual and upscale functions. Our bamboo tableware collection is 100% biodegraded and compostable that will proudly serve your delicious hors d'oeuvre, desserts, cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies, and puddings. Pick our bamboo plates, flatware and cocktail picks that are compostable yet absolutely resilient, sturdy, BPI-certified and renewable. To impart the look of high end table setting, pick our trendy range of elite disposable paper plates that are an earthy-friendly alternative to plastic and polystyrene plates and will beautifully blend with any upscale tablescape. Give a unique and rustic twist to your traditional food serving by opting for our pinewood woodecones and wooden food boats that can be filled with all types of pastries, fries, tots, peanuts, chicken bites, fruit, or any other medium-sized order of bite-sized treats. Our eco-friendly collection of natural tableware is reusable, much more stylish and greener than plastic tableware, especially for those special occasions.

We at efavormart strive to provide eco-friendly and compostable natural tableware at affordable prices to help you achieve your desired look. To this end, our exclusive natural tableware collection is the solution to all your eco-friendly tablescape needs. Explore our collection and see for yourself!

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