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Oval Plates

Since everything about your party is unique, how can the party tableware be mundane and boring? At, we understand your sentiments well. This is why we offer oval plates set that are distinctly different – yet beautiful and functional! These are disposable oval plates plastic that you can throw away after using – releasing you from the ordeal of cleaning them up afterwards!

Our gold rim salad dessert plates have an octagonal shape. The glitter and unique shape of these oval plates will add luxury to your dinner table. These are transparent plates - to make your desserts and salads appear extra scrumptiously delicious. Continue this elegance with our clear oval crescent rim salad plates that appear to be made of glass – so you can offer the beauty of glass plates without the hassle of breakages or chipped edges later on! Also, our white oval crescent rim dessert plates will match with your wedding decor effortlessly – just place them on any kind of table covers and complete setting up your lead table!

Once your table has been set up, use our 11” black oval serving plates – that will match with your tableware along with being large enough to ensure serving the feast with ease. You do not have to worry about leakages as our ivory oval serving plates are made of high quality plastic that appears like real china! And once the function is over, simply dispose off these oval silver edged crescent rim silver plates – there’s no need to wash them!

We understand the effort you put in to make your wedding reception a success. Now attend to your guests and enjoy the event as our disposable oval dinner plates completely frees you up from the hassle of cleaning up after the party. Visit us to find the high-quality large oval disposable plates that you have been looking for!

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