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Overlays & Napkins

Overlays & Napkins


What should you do if your tables are lackluster or too old-fashioned to strike the right chord at your event?  Well, it’s no secret that using high quality tablecloths to cover them would be the most efficient solution.  However, in most cases, this is simply not enough to shape your event the way you’d imagine it would be.  Fear not, our collection of amazing overlays & napkins will help craft your tables into amazing works of art, all at rock-bottom prices.

Our table overlays come in a variety of sizes and fabrics that will instantly bring out the best of your plain table linens. You can choose the silky smoothness of satin, sheer simplicity of organza, or conjure a regal spirit with flocking overlays without spending the entire decoration budget. Our palette is incredibly immense,  just pick a color that matches well with your event décor and you’ll easily make a vivid splash on your tablescape.

Since no tabletop setup is complete without well-designed napkins, we offer a wide selection of linen napkins and cloth napkins. Available in a full range of colors, these little accents will become the cherry on top of your tablescape. To achieve an exotic but matching effect, pair our overlays & napkins with compatible napkin rings, chair sashes, table tops, or LEDS.

Looking for something one-of-a-kind? With our HUGE offering of overlays & napkins, you’ll find tons of unique options to dress up your table at efavormart!

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