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Checkered Tablecloths

 If you are looking to plan an informal outdoor picnic-style gathering, our checkered picnic tablecloths are the ultimate solution, as well as for weddings, showers, and other popular occasions. Whether you’re looking for a red and white checkered tablecloth or green gingham checkered table linens, our table covers are available in a variety of colors to suit your needs.   

For your kitchen or friendly get-togethers, our checkered square gingham tablecloth will create a serene and welcoming party ambiance. When it comes to upscale events, the most seasoned event planners choose our round checkered gingham tablecloth.  If you want to incorporate the warmth of a sunny day into your event, our checkered polyester rectangular tablecloth is a wise choice, it’ll add a bit of sunshine to any table. To bring back your childhood picnic days in the woods or by the river, there’s no need to travel far, just complement our gingham tablecloths with other checkered supplies and picnic centerpieces. Last but not least, made of 100% polyester, all of our stain-resistant and bleach-safe picnic table covers can be used again and again without fading.

Have we piqued your interest? That’s just the icing on the cake – to learn more about these picnic table linens, visit our full collection of cheap gingham tablecloths from efavormart!


Chevron Tablecloths

Planning a big event?  If you want to look classy while still being simple, you can incorporate a dash of chevron in your venue décor with our fabulous round chevron tablecloth collection. Featuring the silky luster of satin, these quality yet inexpensive festive table linens have nothing to do with cheap and lackluster chevron paper tablecloths.

Whether for weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, these jazz-inspired chevron linens will add style and color to your special occasion. With a wide selection of colors, you can easily pick table covers to suit any color palette. For example, our red and white chevron satin round tablecloth is a perfect choice for a red-and-white venue décor. At the same time, if you want to bring some metallic silver sheen to your party space, we can help you with our imperial gray and white chevron satin round tablecloth. With our royal blue chevron plastic rectangle tablecloth, you can accent your venue with marine motifs, turning your event into a sea travel theme.

Whichever table covers you choose, pair them with matching runners, napkins, centerpieces, and other decorations to tie everything together. In addition, there’s another good news for the most budget minded event planners and homeowners – all our chevron table linens from efavormart will withstand multiple use without shrinking or fading, just follow our easy linen care instructions!

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