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Peel & Stick Wall Tiles

You can give a completely new look to your wedding decor with our smart tiles. Your guests will be amazed with our peel and stick backsplash which is easy, fun, fast and highly affordable. You can leave them wondering how you managed to put up a new wall so soon! Not to mention, we offer best peel and stick backsplash that does not crack or fade away!

Our 3D foam wall panels look just like a real wall. Simply place our foam wall tiles & panels on any wall and see your banquet come alive! You may place it only on a part of your wall that is dirty or discoloured – or you may create a completely new wall this way. Don’t forget, the music of your celebrations will not disturb the neighbours as our foam wall panels have sound absorbing properties – to keep the noise inside!

You can add a magical sheen to your reception with our mirror wall tiles. Our mirror and metal wall tiles will make your party hall appear larger and brighter. Our mirror panelling for walls makes beautiful borders to accentuate your wedding decor. Or else, create a reflective backdrop for your dance floor with our mirror wall panels – the choice is yours!

At, we strive to offer you innovative products to make your function unique. Our waterproof peel and stick tiles are fast to place and easy to maintain. Visit us to explore options as you introduce a magnificent aura in your grand soiree!

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