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Plain Table Covers

You can enhance the charm of your wedding with our disposable table covers – as they become an ornamental accessory to your dining space. Our party table cover will protect your dining table from any scratches or stains during the party. Our plastic tablecloths for weddings are available in several shades to match with the decor of your event!

Our white disposable table cover has a classy elegance that blends with any kind of decor easily. Now you can scrape off the crumbs from our navy blue plastic tablecloth and keep it sparkling clean throughout your party. Continue to use our red disposable table cloth the way you want – it is strong enough to withstand any kind of rips and tears during the party!

You can impress your guests with our serenity blue plastic tablecloth that is wrinkle free – as you use the palm of your hand to flatten it easily! You can fascinate them further with our hunter green vinyl tablecloth that is pretty to look at and soft to touch. They would find it difficult to believe that this gorgeous blush plastic tablecloth is disposable – that can be thrown away once the party is over!

At, we realize the immense effort you are putting in to make your function a success. We offer dining table covers that are maintenance free – to give you enough time to enjoy your gala! We offer plain table covers in different colors to suit your personal style perfectly. Visit us and we will ensure that you are well prepared for any type of event!

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