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Polka Dots Table Covers

You can perk up your wedding decor instantly with our black and white polka dot plastic tablecloth.  This is a classic design that will never go out of style. You can use our multi colored polka dot tablecloth to add a unique charisma to your dining table setting. Go ahead and wow your guests with this fabulous accessory!

Our white/royal  blue disposable tablecloth will add elegance to your party effortlessly. You can brighten up your banquet with our white/red polka dots tablecloth or white/black plastic tablecloth instantly. Now coordinate these luxurious accessories with your exquisite dinnerware to create a unique ambiance at your reception!

You may add sophistication to your event with our white/serenity blue vinyl tablecloth – that does not wrinkle or gather while your party is on! Just wipe off the crumbs and spills from our peach polka dots tablecloth - and keep it sparkling clean throughout! Simply use our black/white plastic tablecloth the way you want – and then throw it away once the party is over.

At, we understand that you have to work hard on each aspect of your function to make it a success. We offer disposable table covers that would reduce your work immensely. Just throw away our polka dot table cloth once your celebration is over! Visit us to explore our round polka dot plastic tablecloth in varying shades and sizes to suit your specific requirements!

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