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Polyester Fabric Bolts

Polyester Fabric Bolts


Creating the perfect decor for your reception is not an easy job. But we can make it fun for you! For a start, opt for wholesale fabric by the bolt as that will be affordable. This is especially relevant for white polyester fabric as that can serve as a backdrop to the entire banquet. At, we offer polyester fabric in different colors that will fulfill all your needs.

Typically, a backdrop in a light color is used for creating a striking contrast with darker colors. We offer light-colored beige polyester wedding restaurant fabric bolt that can be used as a backdrop to the decoration. Contrast this with the navy blue polyester fabric bolt that can be used for making bows, table runners and chair covers. Don’t forget, our polyester cloth has a matte finish that provides a classic look without the glitz to any party decoration. This is why the impeccable opulence of fuchsia - polyester fabric bolt works wonders when it is used for color-coordinated table accents, favors, chair bows and much more.

It does not matter what the theme of your event is. We offer a glossy premium polyester tulle fabric bolt that can fulfill all your requirements. The columns and arches can be swathed with this fabric. Now you can decide to accentuate it with chair sashes made from glossy polyester tulle fabric bolt. This way you can give a regal look and feel to the entire banquet. The centerpieces and other floral arrangements can be adorned with glossy premium polyester tulle fabric bolt to provide that finishing touch.

At whatever point you endeavor to grandstand your status, look no further than our metallic lame fabric bolts – this sparkling texture works marvels when matched with our tulle bolts. At, we comprehend that you need great materials for your artworks. Produced using solid polyester, our shiny polyester fabric won't lose their fresh appearance in quite a while. Regardless of whether you are hoping to wow everyone with a gold lame fabric tablecloth or turquoise lame jacket, kindly don't hesitate to shop from our wide array of Polyester Metallic Lame Fabric Bolts.

Is polyester fabric stretchable? Or is polyester fabric stretchy? Although they are naturally stretchy, these fabric tends to return to its natural form when stretched, but they can actually be made stretchy when blended or knitted with other stretchy fibers. That’s why these fabric bolts are best used as backdrops, in dressmaking, prom dresses, runners, hanging decors, in draping tables and ceilings, and DIY crafts.

We understand your dilemma as you set about decorating the venue for your event. This is why we offer a wide variety of lustrous polyester fabrics in different shades. They provide a seamless sheen that imparts a unique aura to the entire setting. Our exhaustive product line is geared to cater to all your specific requirements. Once you visit, there’s no going back!

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