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Porcelain Dinner Plates

Once your wedding decorations are in place, the next step is to set the tables in style. Our porcelain plates are designed to complement your delicious food. They are lightweight but not delicate – making them the perfect dinner ware for your exclusive function.

Step back into the Victorian era with our chip resistant dinner plate - blue that has Art Nouveau on its rim. The white and blue color combination of this porcelain dinnerware is a clear reminder of art and craft of that era! This design on our porcelain dinner plate - orange is on a metallic hued rim that makes it strong enough so that it does not chip easily and looks exquisite for a long time. In addition, the design of our chip resistant dinner plate - pink will blend beautifully with the theme of your event!

We provide porcelain dinner plates in bulk prices so that you can buy what you want without breaking the bank. Once you buy our porcelain dinner plate - black it will last a long time as it is durable enough. Besides, you will love to use our chip resistant porcelain plate – violet  for all your parties – as it can easily be cleaned up afterwards by placing in a dishwasher!

We understand how important your porcelain plates set is for your grand soiree. At, we provide porcelain dinner plates that are solid, provide a fine feel but are not delicate. Visit us for these dinner plates of timeless functionality – and wow your guests at your event!

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