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Premier Slub Fabric

When your event is special, its decoration has to be special too. We have slub material for you - which is not an ordinary fabric. This is polyester satin fabric which has knotting leading to raised threads or knobbles that are soft to touch and impart a unique texture to it.

We know that you will love our slub polyester fabric bolt - emerald as it has a rugged but still elegant look that will be embraced by your guests. They would love to move their hands on the protruding knobbles as you drape this fabric over walls and arches. Continue to surprise your guests with the softness of these protruding threads as they sit on chair covers made with premium slub polyester fabric - pink. They would love to feel the texture of premium slub fabric bolt – red when you make wedding favors with it!

Next, amaze your guests with the organic look of slub fabric as you make premier tablecloths with our slub polyester fabric bolt - pink. It becomes so easy for you to take away the dullness of plain decoration as you make the chair bows and cover the arches with our premium slub polyester fabric – gold which has a unique texture.  See how effortlessly you are able to enhance the visual appeal of your wedding decoration with our slub material.

Creating perfection with imperfection seems to be the motto of slub yarn. At, we strive to provide perfection to all your endeavours. We understand that you want everything to be right in your party decorations. We ensure that all our products are made from high-quality material making them bright, lively and durable. Visit our site today – where all your decoration requirements get fulfilled under one roof!

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