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Looking for a glamorous substitute of a twine for your lucky Chinese knots, veil trimming, or styling your tiny favors? There’s nothing better than a rat-tail ribbon from efavormart! Made of polyester satin, these sturdy cords are thick and strong enough for your gift wrappings, pew bows, or even unique rustic sashes!

High quality and great prices aren’t the only advantages of these trims. As soon as you stop by our collection of decorative ribbons wholesale, you’ll discover a huge lot of color options. Thus, whether you’re in need of 2mm hunter green rattail ribbon, 2mm baby blue rattail ribbon, 2mm turquoise rattail ribbon, our online store will cater to your needs. All our rattail style unique ribbons are sold in 200-yard spools, which is enough for any projects, no matter how ambitious they are.

You can mix and match different rat-tail ribbons, use just one variety on its own, or style them with other accessories – either way, they’ll look fabulous!

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