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The perfect wedding requires careful attention to every detail. Ring bearer pillows are important wedding supplies that are used to transport the symbol of unity between the bride and groom. An ivory ring bearer pillow provides the perfect accent to a wedding. You can match ring pillows to the other wedding supplies that are used during the wedding, such as a flower girl basket or other wedding accessories. Our ivory ring bearer pillows feature delicate touches like satin or organza ribbon wrapped around the ring pillows. Ring bearer pillows feature a variety of accent colors to coordinate with your wedding, including white, blue, brown, gold and purple. These pillows are an incredible value, often half the cost of the pillows available at wedding boutiques. If you are an event coordinator or wedding planner, you can stock up on these important accessories at an incredible value. You can also place the ring bearer pillow and other wedding accessories together so that you can take beautiful pictures of the items together to memorialize the beautiful items used during your wedding.
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