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Round Plates

Make everything perfect at your party venue by serving the food in style. At, we offer disposable wedding dinnerware sets that look like premium chinaware or glassware! Our clear plastic plates with gold trim will add a regal hue to your party decor, making it luxurious.

Make your glittering display of centerpieces and vases profound with our disposable round plates with shiny blush rim. Even a simple dish will appear like a masterfully created signature art in these premium plastic plates. These beautifully crafted white dinner plates with gold ornament hot stamped rim are tough enough to hold large portion sizes without any fear of leakage or spillage. Just throw away our white salad plate with silver lace rim once the party is over – no hassle of cleaning them afterwards!

We want you to have a grand time at your event – and our white plastic plate with geometric design rim mean that no time wasted in washing and cleaning up afterwards. Just go ahead and enjoy with our white dinner plates with silver twirl rim that will also add elegance to your lead table. Or you can always just place our shiny silver round plates with textured rim on your dinner table and enhance the ambiance of your party setting.

We understand that for your gathering - food as well as its presentation is equally important. This is why we offer plastic party plates that are tough, trendy and beautiful. Visit us and you will be praised for excellent taste. No matter what the theme of your function is – we have the perfect hard plastic plates for you!

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