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Rustic Wedding Decor


Looking for a quick but refreshing home or event decor? The best way to breath a new life into any indoor or outer space is with Natural ornamentations, especially those that will last long. Add a natural green touch and element of freshness to your space with our amazing range of Naturals collection. Bring powerful, natural energy to any place setting with these artificial greenery panels, preserved mood moss and make ideal potpourri mixes to enhance the elegance of any space and accent decor. Bring a natural woodsy charm to your living room, kitchen, fireplace, or mantel by adding these with preserved mood moss. Make whimsical floral arrangements, wedding centerpieces, and table setups with these tokens of natural beauty.

Impart a touch of ravishing style and a hint of chic flair to any open tabletop in your home with this elegant Natural Wooden Candle holder Stand with Glass Tea Light Holder. With its driftwood and glass material, this lovely wooden lanterns bulk is a charming addition to your furniture collection. Its quirky artistic construction pairs perfectly with vintage accents while its understated woodland theme adds a modern minimalist touch to its design. Add this natural candle holder to the living room to complement a comfortable farmhouse arrangement or use it to level out a bold deviant look in the den. Pair it with our Rustic Natural Wood Slices Round Poplar Wooden Slab Table Centerpiece for a dynamic display, then round out the look with Assorted Potpourri Vase Fillers for an ingenious finishing touch. Whether you're just beginning your decor collection from scratch or finishing out a well-appointed corner, this accent piece is a must-have add-on to your home.

Our splendid natural seashell flower arrangements in admirable shapes, sizes and colors will bring an absolutely trendy tropical twist to your celebration. Whether you are planning a wedding reception on a beachside or seashore, or simply want to bring that authentic ocean feel into your special day, our seashells for wedding decorations beach favors will add a dash of happy festivity into your events decor.

We also have our disposable utensils which are crafted from eco-friendly biodegradable materials such as 100% natural birchwood, bamboo, and heavy-duty compostable palm leaf. For hot and cold foods, we present both basic and stylish alternative for all kinds of home use, take-out and upscale entertaining -- mini bamboo knives, wooden cocktail picks, ice cream spoons, serving tongs, disposable plates and more.

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