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Satin Bag 4.6 x 5.7 & 6x9

Looking for something beyond those over-hyped small mesh drawstring bags? Whether you’re going to surprise your guests with sassy bachelorette knick-knacks or captivating bridal trinkets, every seasoned event planner will strongly recommend you glam up your favor-giving with our lustrous satin gift bags wholesale. The charm of dancing lights and shadows on a glossy satin “dancefloor” will bedazzle all your guests even before they learn what’s inside these lovely holders!

Available in a range of colors, our wedding goodie bags will always provide you with a perfect match to complement your unique color scheme. Afraid that your favors won’t fit into our satin gift bags? Not to worry, all our baby goodie bags come in a plethora of sizes, from 4x6 satin bags and 5x7 satin bags to 6x9 satin bags. As a finishing touch, all our satin pouches have a lovely double ribbon for secure keeping and easy opening.

Last but not least, all our drawstring favor bags are gorgeous on their own, but you can always customize them with ribbons, mesh rolls, faux pearls, or other accessories from!  

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