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Satin Table Skirts


Our box pleated table skirt are fashioned in a stunningly attractive style with layers of dancing ruffles that seem to pirouette and sing like a zealous performer. The gorgeous rosette table skirt mesmerize the beholders, arousing passion for fun and happiness in their hearts, drifting them to the dance floor to relish the festive glee of your merriment!

The divine luster of premium quality satin gathered table skirt with the intricate craftsmanship gives this breathtaking decorative accessory to transform your ordinary skirted table covers and party tables into royal tablescapes. The stunning double drape design not only provides a modish cover for your old and dreary table legs, but also adds class and elegance to your party rosette table skirt. The glamorous gathered table skirting look so very pretty, while the peerless luster of premium quality satin heightens the charismatic charm of these gathered table skirt. Drape your party tables with these shimmering beauties and see how your box pleated table skirt will showcase your imperial taste and swish style of decoration.

For those special and rare celebrations that need to have an extra doting touch in their ambiance decoration in skirted table covers, this top-notch rosette table skirt is a picture perfect choice. The lustrous texture and hue of these satin roses box pleated table skirt symbolize glee, feat, and an aspiration to achieve even bigger dreams. This premium quality of gathered table skirting is made by crafting large satin side by side roses to attain a true fantasy feel and texture.

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