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Satin Tablecloths

Since the fascination for satin has never faded since olden times, our collection of satin table linens is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a classical yet not old-fashioned tablecloth.

Available in pink, blush, white, black, and other colors, our satin table covers will heighten the urbanity of your weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers. Due to the way satin catches light and shadow, these efavormart tablecloths will give your tables a rich, glamorous presence and bedazzle even the most discerning invitees. If you want to drape your dull round tables with seamless sheen, choose from our satin round tablecloths.  Alternatively, our satin rectangle tablecloths will give your rectangular tables a delicate and elegant appearance.  To transform your event into a fabulous sea travel theme, look no further than our white-and-navy stripe satin tablecloth.

Despite their “fragile” appearance, all these glinting linens are durable enough to withstand multiple events. On top of that, there’s one more recommendation from our experts – whichever color or size you choose, pair our satin table covers with matching runners, chair covers, and napkins for a more exotic look. To see these seamless table covers for yourself, check out the full selection of efavormart tablecloths right now!

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