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Sequin Napkins

Enchant your guests with glitz sequin napkins that will shimmer at your party table. We offer premium quality sequin napkins in different shades to complement your party decor. These have loads of sequins stitched over tulle fabric in a way to make them appear prominent at your table setting. Over time and with repeated usage a couple of sequins may fall off but don’t worry - as this will not impact the shine of your sequin napkins in any way!

Our premium sequin napkins - gold can be considered as being the epitome of luxury. Combine this glitter with golden edges of other table linens and your buffet table becomes fit for a Duchess! Continue to bask in luxury with our premium sequin napkins - silver that will reflect light and dazzle your guests. Or you can use our premium sequin napkins - champagne that are perfect for any theme as they look lovely with any kind of party decor!

You may not be able to use premium sequin napkins – turquoise for wiping – but their presence on your lead table will add character to your function. In the same way, premium sequin napkins - navy can do wonders as they add grace to your evening gathering. And for a lunch buffet, nothing can beat the grandeur of premium sequin napkins - red that will impart royalty and color to your smallest event!

At, we understand that you wish to make your grand soiree spectacular! We offer our sequin napkins wholesale that would add glamour to your gathering. These are available in beautiful colors and affordable prices. Just rinse them in cold water when they get dirty and make them ready for your next party! Visit us and make your selection to wow your guests!

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