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These best thermal blackout curtains are crafted from premium quality velvet fabric that is super soft on touch and highly luxurious in a look. Innovative triple weave construction of these best blackout curtains for bedroom will effortlessly block up to 99% of UV rays and sunlight and 60% of outside noise from inflowing into your bedroom. Our energy efficient hotel quality blackout curtains are equipped with 100% thermal insulation to block summer heat and winter chill from affecting your room’s cozy temperature.

These hotel blackout curtains for sale protect your furniture, floors, and accessories from the ravages of sun and cold, while lush velvety texture of these curtains will impart a look of regal sophistication to any space. Style up your living rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms, dining room, study, kitchen, or office room with our energy saving and cost efficient blackout curtains 96 inches long.

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