Succulents | Moss | Planters

Succulents | Moss | Planters

Love the idea of adding more green to your event space or living room, but too busy to care for your plants? Our variety of faux succulent and moss are sure to bring all the rustic charm to your home, without any of the upkeep. Our collection of artificial succulents, preserved moss, and planters contain everything you need for adding that fanciful forestry flair into your home, office, or wedding space.

Bring the freshness of natural green to your life and space by placing these bulk fake succulents in your living room coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter, bathroom shelf, home garden ledge. Create a dazzling display of height and dimension by hanging our 12"" Aloe Cameronii Decorative Artificial Plants, Artificial Succulent Plants Yucca Aloe Vera Long Stem Air Plants, 7'' Assorted Crassula Artificial Plants, or Artificial Succulent Plants Aeonium Spray Plants on tree branches, arches, columns, and poles for a fantastic rustic touch. Besides home and office decoration, our artificial succulent plants also make an ideal decorative accent for Rustic Parties, Fairy Garden, Woodland, Southwestern, and Garden-themed Weddings and Events.Give your crafts and décor projects a visually attractive look and woodsy charm with our Preserved Moss Decorations and Planters. Flaunt your floral and foliage decorations gorgeously in our chic and elegant planters to add an idyllic charm to your decor.

Whether you’re trying to spice things up a bit or you want to usher in that whimsical rustic charm, our Succulents, Moss Décor, and Rustic Planters will allow you to exude that wonderful woodsy appeal. Check out our stunning range of these bucolic beauties today!

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