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Can't find or don't know where to buy tissue paper garland? then you are on right place. Splash your celebration with a pop of fun-filled colors and exciting style using our tassel tissue garland. A perfect combination of flair and fringe, these tissue paper fringe garland are sure to add a dash of peppy excitement into any party decor. Dangle these tassel tissue garland anywhere around the house, in your party space, in the garden or somewhere in the office to rejuvenate your energetic spirits.

Hang tissue paper fringe garland from our LED Latex Balloons or jumbo Paper Lanterns to create a vibrantly glowing party ambiance. Create a colorfully vivacious backdrop or attach these on the sides of your cake tables to fill your party house with happy colors of love and friendship. Tassel tissue garland is an ideal decoration for birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and can be coordinated with our other tissue products. For an exotic outdoor display, hang these tissue paper fringe garland along the fences or homes for a fanciful decorative accent.

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