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A successful party has good music, delicious food, beautiful decor – and once it’s over, you would still want to relive those wonderful memories again and again. This is why you need a backdrop stand for capturing those fascinating moments on your camera! At, we provide backdrop design in the form of curtains, beads, flowers, metallic foil and leaf foliage to suit your style.

Our pink payette sequin backdrop provides ample glitter for a backdrop wedding. You can use it to accentuate the bridal table, dance floor and the lead table. And if your function theme has sophistication and elegance written all over it – our pink silk tassel door curtain will add to the decor effortlessly. You may hang its flowing silk strings from your chandelier, arches, lights, ceiling or walls and create an impressive ambiance. Go ahead and continue to bedazzle your guests with our champagne metallic spandex backdrop – that will give you amazing pictures while your place remains lively and festive!

We know that there is nothing like nature to keep your guests in high spirits. Use our artificial boxwood hedge green garden wall as the perfect backdrop while conveying the feel of an outdoors wedding. Take this a step further as you add the night sky to your backdrop with our twinkle in the night LED lights - white and make your photos surreal with stars twinkling in the background.

We provide a host of wedding backdrops ideas for you as we understand that you want everything to be perfect on that special day. All our products are masterfully crafted and made from top-quality material. Visit us and we will ensure that your guests give you nothing but praises!

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