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Velvet Fabric Bolt


This soft touch navy velvet fabric upholstery is surely an emblem of excellence, elegance, and enchantment. Created from premium quality polyester with lush velvet weave, this regal piece of velvet fabrics wholesale offers soft, textured feel with sheen finish. The royal luster coupled with the soft velvety texture make this piece a pure pleasurable accessory to enticingly accentuate your event and home decor.

These navy velvet fabric upholstery now available in bolt, you can play with this imperial piece to your hearts content. Create the magnum opuses by velvet fabrics for sale running your imagination wild, from skirts and jackets to window treatments, cushion covers, pillows and duvet covers. Swathe your special events’ ambiance from top to bottom by creating overlays, runners, drapes, tablecloths, chair sashes, wall and ceiling decoration etc.

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