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Velvet Fabric Bolt


It goes without saying that a special celebration calls for a décor to match with the grandeur of your event. Bring a luxurious touch to your home and party décor with our fabulous collection of velvet fabric bolts.

In case you are looking for beautiful jewel-tones for your velvet décor, we are at your service with our wine velvet fabric bolts, navy blue velvet fabric bolts, or purple velvet fabric bolts. If it’s the subtle colors that appeal you, our range of silver velvet bolts, champagne velvet bolts, or blush velvet bolts is all you need to create skirts and jackets, curtains, cushion covers, and much more. Deluxe and versatile for every style, these soft textured velvet fabric bolts will elevate your décor up by several notches.

At, we understand that budget plays an important role when planning an event. Using your imagination to create magnum opuses from our lustrous velvet bolts, you can make your setup less expensive and more unique with a personalized touch. Whichever idea you have on mind, please shop from our collection of luxurious yet affordable velvet fabric bolts.


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